In the 1950s, a group of individuals, including Edith Edman, the wife of the president of Wheaton College, began praying earnestly for a church for Three Lakes. Those prayers were answered in 1984, when TLEFC officially began meeting as a church plant from Conover Evangelical Free Church, and the present building was completed in 1986. TLEFC is now one of four Evangelical Free churches located in Vilas and Oneida counties. We have always maintained a relationship with HoneyRock, Wheaton College’s Outdoor Center for Leadership Development. We have had four senior pastors and five youth pastors, and we are currently led by Interim Pastor Scott Roen and Youth and Family Pastor Ian Stewart.

Our church is staffed by a full-time senior pastor, full-time youth and family pastor, part-time secretary and part-time custodian. Our worship team is made up of volunteers who are overseen by a worship committee. Our annual budget is about $250,000.

OUr mission

We exist to connect people with God through Jesus Christ, grow to be like Christ, and serve others.

Our Vision

We fulfill our mission by being intentional (thoughtful about what we do and don’t do), missional (focused on the community, not ourselves), simple (so people can live balanced lives) and irresistible (because of our love for people).

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Current Strengths

Our congregation consists of many seasoned, spiritually mature believers, and we see many healthy intergenerational relationships within the church. Our members serve well and participate heavily in community groups. We enjoy a strong relationship with Three Lakes School District, where we reach more than 25 percent of the elementary students through our Fun Club program. We are also financially sound with no mortgage and a solid track record of meeting our budget goals year to year.

Current Opportunities for growth

  • Attract more young people to create a healthy young adult community

  • Develop strategies to win and disciple those who come into our sphere of influence

  • Embrace and nurture our unique seasonal populations

  • Effectively plug-in regular attendees to ministry opportunities

Preferred Future

  • Be known throughout Three Lakes and the surrounding communities for an authentic, relevant, Bible-centered pulpit ministry with vibrant worship

  • Be a growing church, both numerically and in maturity and impact, with the associated building(s) and staff necessary to support such a ministry

  • Create a culture that emphasizes relational community, outreach and service.

  • Enhance advancement of the Gospel in the Northwoods through relational and servant evangelism